Moses Sumney Details GRÆ PART ONE

Moses Sumney shares details of GRÆ PART ONE
Moses Sumney GRÆ PART ONE

Moses Sumney has announced, that the release date for the first part of his double album and sharing new single “Cut Me.” Part one of græ is due February 21st via Jagjaguwar Records and includes previous singles “Virile,” “Polly” and “Conveyor.”

In conjunction with today’s release of “Cut Me,” Sumney is announcing a residency and installation at Los Angeles’ Bootleg Theater from mid-February through early March. The residency finds Moses returning to the venue where his career as a live performer began 6 years ago to examine the concept of græ — the spectrum of greyness in regard to color, displacement, interstitial space, and marginal identity. Between the hours of 12 and 5PM on Monday through Saturday from February 13th through March 4th, fans will be able to enter the Bootleg Theater where græ will be playing in immersive, 3D Audio via Amazon Music HD on an Echo Studio. The space will aim to create community and conversation among those representations of græ-ness. Throughout the course of the residency there will be weekly free live performances by Moses Sumney every Wednesday night, starting on February 12th into the first week of March.

Moses Sumney
February 2020 & May 15, 2020

Part One:
1. Insula
2. Cut Me
3. In Bloom
4. Virile
5. Conveyor
6. boxes
7. Gagarin
8. jill/jack
9. Colouour
10. also also also and and and
11. Neither/Nor
12. Polly

Part Two:
13. Two Dogs
14. Bystanders
15. Me in 20 Years
16. Keeps Me Alive
17. Lucky Me
18. and so I come to isolation
19. Bless Me
20. before you go