MORLY Streams New EP ‘Something More Holy’

Morly streams new EP 'Something More Holy'.

Today, Morly is streaming her new EP, Something More Holy. The EP comes out globally via Cascine on April 8th. The EP features self-produced tracks by the Minnesotan-born singer-songwriter, plus additional collaboration work from producer Stint (Gallant).

Morly expressed, “This EP was quite literally a process of finding my voice-discovering how I sing technically, emotionally, and lyrically. But also discovering myself in the context of collaborating with someone else.” Morly continues, “Being so used to working alone, collaborating with my good friend Stint forced me to learn how to communicate what sort of sonic space I wanted to create and also know when to trust someone else’s artistry. Working with him actually helped me to understand myself more as an artist-how I create, what I like, what I have to say.” Something More Holy will also be available on a special 12″ vinyl collection, plus physical and digital formats.

Something More Holy EP Track Listing:
1. “If Only Chords”
2. “Something More Holy ”
3. “Plucky”
4. “By The Polo Pond”