Moonwalks stream debut EP ‘1’

Moonwalks stream debut EP '1' EP 1 was recorded, mixed and recordrd by Jim Diamond

Detroit psych, garage rockers MOONWALKS flip a bitch from outer space and take a plunge head first into the cavernous, subterranean smoke filled clubs only Warholian vanguards could appreciate with their debut EP; “EP 1″These Eastside space cats orbit musical territory bordering on vocal style of Gene Loves Jezebel and musical fragments of The Black Angels and their more crystalline folk/psych counterparts Brian Jonestown Massacre. Haunting, psychedelic surf riffs carry the at times Nick Cave-esque, lurid vocals creating a more Johnny Cash than The Beatles brand of rock n roll rebellion.

EP 1 was recorded, mixed and mastered by the legendary Jim Diamond (White Stripes), in Detroit Michigan earlier in 2014. EP 1 is out today via l.o.o.s.e music & The Manimal group/Universal.


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