Money Begin U.S. Tour, Share LP

MONEY recently premiered the video for 'The Shadow Of Heaven' the title track from their debut album

To celebrate the beginning of their US tour, MONEY have shared a ‘Literary Liars’ mixtape inspired by American counter culture icons from Bukowski to the beat writers.

“From Bukowski to the beats – they’re all a bunch of fucking liars – but these are the stylists so with them the point is to make their lies brilliant enough to be forgiven for them. A humanist writer, to have realness, must know the limits, the lie of love and yet accept it like an atheist hides a puritanical and secret hope for God.Writers betray what they write about: there may be an attitude among writers who feel that if they can’t get their hands on beauty they would rather it not exist at all.If a writer is willing to let beauty exist having failed it in his writing I cannot help but feel that this is a significant reason for his failing at it. For myself – I am not so interested in the truth as I am interested in which bombs burst the brightest.” Jamie Lee, MONEY

Literary Liars Track Listing

1. Allen Ginsberg talking jibberish
3. Charles Manson – Angels Fear To Tread
4. Carl Orff – Gassenhaurer (Badlands Theme)
5. William Burroughs – The Subliminal Kid
6. Dirty Projectors – My Off White Flag
7. Charles Manson – Talking Jibberish
8. TS Eliot – The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock
9. Woods – Out of the Eye
10. English Punks Interviewed
11. Andy Warhol and William Burroughs having dinner (The Chelsea Hotel)

MONEY recently premiered the video for ‘The Shadow Of Heaven’  the title track from their debut album. Directed by their friend Liam Healy, the video captures the band’s distinctive aesthetic along with the madcap antics of singer and lyricist Jamie Lee. MONEY last year unveiled a video to ‘Hold Me Forever’. The video is the directorial debut of celebrated actor Cillian Murphy (‘Inception’, ’28 Days Later’, ‘The Wind That Shakes The Barley’, ‘Breakfast On Pluto’) and features dancers from the English National Ballet and filmed at locations including The Old Vic Theatre in London.

MONEY are Jamie Lee, Charlie Cocksedge, Billy Byron and Scott Beaman. Having formed in Manchester amidst a prolific underground milieu, they soon came to embody the passion, creativity and optimism of a new generation of artists and musicians who found themselves presented with what singer/frontman Jamie describes as ‘an extraordinary, poetic city’. Their debut album The Shadow Of Heaven consists of ten songs that range from stripped-back piano ballads such as ‘Goodnight London’ and ‘Black’ to the more epic ‘Hold Me Forever’ and ‘Bluebell Fields’. Rooted in universal themes of the spirit, love and loss, the album also addresses man’s condition in the modern world, issues ‘such as isolation and mental health as logical reactions to it’, says Jamie. It’s an album full of yearning and soul-searching, a voyage of (non-) discovery that only ends up finding itself and the sheer, aching beauty of questions asked in full knowledge of their own answerlessness. It’s metaphysics for the modern age, which might not be quite as spiritually bankrupt and bereft of meaning as we once believed.

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