Molly Drag Debuts “Out Like a Light”

Molly Drag shares the first single "Out Like A Light."
Molly Drag "Out Like A Light."

Molly Drag, is the solo project of Michael Charles Hansford. The project started in 2014, in London, Ontario, followed by a move to Montreal in 2016. Molly Drag, has just announce his forthcoming full-length Touchstone, will come out on August 4th, via Egghunt Records, ahead of the release, he has shared the first single “Out Like A Light.”

Molly Drag on Touchstone:

“While I was recording this album I started thinking about my hometown a lot, the small places within, the parks where I would smoke with my friends after school, the water that surrounded us always. I then contacted my high-school art teacher Ila who was an immense mentor for me and we rekindled our friendship. She said that I was always one of her “touchstone” students, immediately I asked her if I could use one of her paintings as the album cover. She said yes, and I also knew that it needed to be called touchstone. This album really is about growing up and how my great role models and teachers were the 3 women that taught me love, but also strength. This album is for my Mother, My Grandmother, and Ila.. my art teacher.”

Molly Drag
Egghunt Records

1. Not Long Now
2. Charlotte
3. Out Like a Light
4. Nothing to See Here
5. Walking Out
6. Touchstone
7. Cherry Red

Molly Drag

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