“Mixed Emotions” By Ladyhawke

Life-altering experiences paired with the ten-year anniversary of Ladyhawke’s self-titled debut full-length fed into a sense of nostalgia and reflection while working on her brand new album, Time Flies. Along with the new single, new single “Mixed Emotions”. Pip shares: “Mixed Emotions was written with old mates Jono Sloan and Nick Littlemore while I was on a writing trip in LA. Sloan had come up with a really cool bass groove which Nick and I riffed over to get the lyrics and melody. The song is about all the things you can feel with one person, sometimes all in a single day. Up’s and downs, confusion, highs and lows. And everything in between!”

Time Flies by Ladyhawke drops on October 8 via BMG. In the half decade since her 2016 album Wild Things, Pip has gone through a personal transformation. She married New Zealand actress/director/comedian Madeleine Sami and gave birth to their beautiful daughter in late 2017. Having always been a keen gamer, she also joined Twitch during the lockdown and found new friends as well as a sense of community and inspiration.

Pip has openly struggled with mental health, anxiety and depression for a long time and, after dealing with severe postnatal depression + a serious skin cancer condition which has thankfully seen a full recovery, was able to successfully procure the right balance of therapy & medication which is so individually specific. When she embarked on writing songs for this new record in 2019, there was a sense of freedom in the work. “I was feeling pretty grateful to be alive and making music, so I felt like I didn’t ‘care’ anymore – not in a bad way, I just stopped overthinking it.”

Time Flies

1. My Love
2. Think About You
3. Time Flies
4. Mixed Emotions
5. Guilty Love ft. BROODS
6. Take It Easy Mama
7. Loner
8. Adam
9. Reactor
10. Walk Away
11. Love Is Blind