Misty Coast Release “Leap Year” Video

Misty Coast Share 'Leap Year' Video.

Norwegian duo Misty Coast (comprised of Megaphonic Thrift members Linn Frøkedal and Richard Myklebust) have unveiled the video for their new dreamy single “Leap Year”. Further demonstrating their beautiful, minimalist psych-pop style, Misty Coast don’t fail to deliver with this lulling track, lifted from their forthcoming album (due for release in September ’17).

Featuring a smooth rhythmic guitar under light effortless vocals, the gentle, yet pulsing beat of “Leap Year” soars with a tranquil quality. As it glides by, it’s layered by gracefully pulsing synths, Linn’s mellow voice echoing amidst floating celestial melodies, adding to its complex elegance. A beautiful, relaxing, yet engaging song with a strong identity, it’s a solid addition to Misty Coast’s spiritual repertoire, bringing dreams and imagination to life.