Millionyoung shares title track “Variable”

Millionyoung shares tracks

Today, the title track “Variable” from Millionyoung’s second album is revealed HERE and the video to “Lovin'” can be seen HERE. Millionyoung explains his passion for “Lovin'” “Put aside the bouncy beats and sun-washed guitar lines; what gets us on “Lovin” is that this is an unabashed love song. “It’s about a girl I couldn’t get out of my head. Pop stuff,” explains Millionyoung — aka Mike Diaz, the Florida-based musician who makes up the band. He’s not kidding–the opening lines of the song are, “Oh I can’t forget you / You are always on my mind / And every time I see you / I lose all track of time.” It was a lot of fun, sort of a different approach than I usually do. I was really digging into soul music while working on this record, and it’s probably most present in this song,” says Diaz. So consider this your good vibes pick-up to usher in the weekend.”

The new full-length album titled Variable will come out on 2/12/12 via Rix Records / Old Flame Records. The new album comes right off last summer’s Amanecer re-release which included the brand new tracks “Recess”, “Albedo”, and “Mien (Revisited)” as well.

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