Micachu and the Shapes’ Mica Levi Scores Film

Micachu and the Shapes' Mica Levi scores upcoming Scarlet Johansson film 'Under the Skin'; Milan Records releasing OST April 1st, new trailer out now.

No one can deny that the face of planet music is changing at a rate faster than ever before. Whether one believes that it’s awkwardly evolving into a beguiling new beast, or imploding into a certain apocalypse, one thing’s for sure: the soundtrack will be like nothing you’ve ever heard before. Mica Levi, the 26-year-old leader of Micachu and the Shapes, is the unassuming figure creating tunes that somehow perfectly define these sometimes scary, often overwhelming, but always exciting times. She’s the most singular artist leading the future-pop frontier, with an instinctual understanding of music only possible from one of those rare lives where rhythms, melodies, discord and noise have underpinned every last waking second.

Jonathan Glazer enlisted the classically trained Mica Levi to provide the score to his upcoming film Under the Skin, out in theaters April 4th. Starring Scarlett Johansson as a sinister figure preying upon hitchhikers in Scotland, the score itself is the perfect canvas for Glazer’s ominous cinematic brushstrokes. The score is a stunning compliment to the film, while the moving images similarly allow for the ebb and flow of the score to be recognized.

Milan Records will be releasing Mica Levi’s original score to Under the Skin on April 1st, 2014. A glimpse into the film, as well as a preview of the striking score, is out now in a new trailer for the film. The film’s official site is here,

Under the Skin: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Out April 1st on Milan Records

Lipstick to Void
Andrew Void
Meat to Maths
Lonely Void
Mirror to Vortex
Alien Loop




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