Metavari Debut “Kings Die Like Other Men (Rediscovery)”

Metavari have shared a new video for "Kings Die Like Other Men (Rediscovery).” The track is off their LP Soft Continuum, available June 10th
Metavari have shared a new video for "Kings Die Like Other Men (Rediscovery)"

Joyful Noise have announced the new album from Metavari, Soft Continuum will drop on June 10, 2022. The brainchild of Nathaniel David Utesch, the album is a kaleidoscope of contemporary electronics fractured by kosmische, Italian horror movie vibes, and new age music. Nate is also responsible for a bunch of high-profile album art over the years as well, including Weezer’s Black Album and SZNZ, Phoebe Bridgers‘ Punisher, Smashing Pumpkins Shiny and Oh So Bright and Cyr, Japanese Breakfast’s Jubilee, and more.

The lead single is the slinky, Goblin-inspired cut called “Kings Die Like Other Men (Rediscovery)”, which features an epic sword & sandal video shot entirely Ukraine. The footage was captured by Ukrainian production house Laco Films, featuring all Ukrainian actors, before being graded and edited by Utesch himself.

Soft Continuum began as both a tribute to and a movement with founding member, Ty Brinneman, who was diagnosed with mesothelioma at the end of 2018. Early sessions included every member who has ever been involved in the project while Ty performed electric bass, MIDI bass and electronics. After Ty’s heartbreaking passing in 2020, his final recordings were expanded to a full-length record with bonus tracks; now dedicated to his life and memory.

From Nate:

“We returned to one of our earliest works, steeped in all its memories, and reimagined it completely. A resetting of the past as we celebrated the years in between. After his diagnosis we were fearful it might be Ty Brinneman’s (founding member, bassist) final recordings. And knowing now that they are makes the season surrounding the “Kings” sessions truly unforgettable.”

Soft Continuum
Track List

Kings Die Like Other Men (Rediscovery)
Páirc Sequence
Arc I
Arc II
Mirrored Dance
For Broomhill

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