Menace Beach ‘Super Transporterreum’

new video from 'super Transporterreum' EP

Menace Beach bring you their new kailedescopic daydream video for ‘Super Transporterreum’.  Director Tom Hudson discussed the making of the video, “. We spoke about the 1950’s b-movie ‘The Brain From Planet Arous” as an inspiration. In classic b-movie style I shot the guys on green screen at the Lord Whitney studio in Leeds, made some hideously warped background animations using super 8 acetate & after effects, crafted a giant brain with eyes, a giant skull and then got to work! Think of it as ‘The Brain From Planet Arous’ meets ‘The Word’ (a late night 90’s channel 4 music show.)”


Having released their debut album, Ratworld, in January of this year, Menace Beach needed another outlet. So, in-between touring with the likes of Drenge and the Cribs, and becoming one of Johnny Marr’s new favourite bands, Menace Beach found time to head into the Suburban Home studio with Hookworm’s MJ to record a brand new EP, set for release this Fall.

Each song has a kind of story behind it.The title track “Super Transporterreum” coming from a flu-fever hallucination Liza experienced while on tour.

Hey Toupe” is another song on the album that Ryan says is “about a guy in London that made my skin crawl so much that it left my body and started heading back up the M1”.

“Ghoul Power’ is a tale about a pocketsize alien ghoul who soaks up your darkness and anxieties, who ends up a sweaty pale wreck after Menace Beach take him to too many parties and shows (“It isn’t meant to be as cheaply metaphorical as it sounds” says Ryan).

“The Line’s” big hearted Big Star inspired melodicism was written after spending the afternoon doing a Geri Haliwell workout video in Rotterdam with a pensioner, and

“Radiate Me” is either about being so fed up “I was praying for a nuclear missile to smash straight into my stupid face” (Ryan) or “A nice song about the sun” (Liza).

The Super Transporterreum EP is what Menace Beach band leaders Ryan and Liza call their “own grubby little Ratworld”.


Super Transporterreum EP 

  1. Super Transporterreum
  2. Hey Toupe
  3. Ghoul Power
  4. The Line
  5. Radiate Me

Tour Dates

Fri 18 Sep – La Macanique Ondulatoire, Paris
Sat 19 Sep – Leffingeleuren Festival, Belgium
Sun 20 Sep – Bitterzoet, Amsterdam
Tue 22 Sep – Comet Club, Berlin
Wed 23 Sep  – Reeperbahn Festival, Hamburg
Fri 26 Sep – Liverpool,  International Psych Fest
Sun 27 Sep – Leeds, Brudenell Social Club
Wed 30 Sep  – Harley, Sheffield
Thu 01 Oct  – XFM X:posure Live, Barfly, London
Fri 02 Oct – Bodega, Nottingham


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