Memory Tapes Releases New Track “Neighbourhood Watch,” Album Out Dec 4.

The essence of Dayve Hawk’s music as Memory Tapes is the exploration of dance music as a medium more experimental than pop melodies and programmed beats. With his third album, Grace/Confusion, “I’ve always explained Memory Tapes as pop music as field recordings.” Says Hawk about Grace/Confusion. “I decided to showcase a kind of chaotic reaching. I don’t think the record is flat-out shooting in all directions though, because I kept trying to rein it in as much as I embraced it. That’s why I called it Grace/Confusion.” Hawk’s third release channels this chaos in his multifaceted pop music, dipping into disco and krautrock sounds while playing with traditional song structure to craft extended mixes.

Track Listing:

01 Neighbourhood Watch – 6:11

02 Thru The Field – 5:21

03 Safety – 8:02

04 Let Me Be – 4:50

05 Sheila – 8:38

06 Follow Me – 6:40