Melkbelly Share Details Of Forthcoming Release

Melkbelly have announced their new album, PITH, will arrive on April 3rd
Melkbelly 'PITH'

Melkbelly have announced their new album, PITH, will arrive on April 3rd, via Wax Nine/Carpark Records. With today’s announcement, the band have shared PITH’S lead single, “LCR,” and an accompanying animated video. Melkbelly, includes Miranda Winters, Bart Winters, Liam Winters, and James Wetzel.

Recording in two short sessions six months apart, the band worked with longtime collaborator Dave Vettraino, this time at Bloomington, Indiana’s Russian Recording. Alongside an arsenal of rock gear and airy synth layers coaxed from a Moog Prodigy, PITH’s multidimensionality was refined by the studio’s collection of rare Russian tube mics, which were placed in every corner to capture Melkbelly’s unabashed loudness.

“We lost an incredible friend suddenly and nostalgia always acts as a helpful tool for me in navigating difficult times,” Miranda says. “Revisiting emotionally challenging moments or significant social interactions helps shed light on confusing feelings for me. Lyrically, grief gave way to considering life.” She drew from diverse scenes—Grimm-like children’s stories too dark for kids; thorny, mossy forests—to create stories that feel distinctly Melkbellian: philosophically strange, strikingly textural, funny and sad and open-hearted.

Lead Single “LCR” similarly shapes PITH’s dynamics and mood. Its shifting signatures held steady by James’ frantic beat, the track is a purgatorial homage to motion, ultimately propelled by its tangled guitars and layered vocal harmonies. “It’s about how having conversations with the dead can scoot you along in life, even when you’re really only hearing one side of the conversation or making up the other half,” says Miranda.

The animated music video was directed by Qianwen Yu, who says it “imagines a group of creatures in a blue car driving towards the lake which finally reaches ‘the end of the world.’ ‘LCR’ is a type of noise-rock-pop music, so I used ’noise’ texture woven fabric and digitally processed watercolor in the video. Just like the feeling of ‘slick and sweetly’ written in the lyrics, this animated video added some feminine elements.”


2. Sickeningly Teeth
3. LCR
4. Little Bug
5. Humid Heart
6. Kissing Under Some Bats
7. Season Of The Goose
8. Mr. Coda
9. Stone Your Friends
10. Take H20
11. Flatness

Sat. April 4 – Chicago, IL @ Sleeping Village
Wed. April 22 – Toronto, ON @ The Baby G
Thu. April 23 – Montreal, QC @ Bar Le Ritz
Sat. April 24 – Providence, RI @ Columbus Theatre
Mon. April 26 – Brooklyn, NY @ Union Pool
Wed. April 29 – Washington, DC @ Comet Ping Pong
Thu. April 30 – Philadelphia, PA @ Boot & Saddle
Fri. May 1 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Mr. Roboto Project