Melbourne’s Cold Sounds Unveil New Single ‘In Blue Skies’


Melbourne’s most aptly named band Cool Sounds are back with new single ‘In Blue Skies’.

Following on from the shoegaze-tinged sad-pop of previous single ‘Control’, their latest offering takes on a somewhat more breezy guise.

Though still solemn in its sentiment, ‘In Blue Skies’ seems to capture the same wistful nostalgia of Streets of Your Town era Go-Betweens (even complete with a flamenco-inspired bridge section).

Dainis Lacey’s trademark croon explores the internal struggles of a stagnating relationship, floating among a wash of jangly guitar, lush synth and purring sax melodies. The dulcet strains of Sara Retallick (Palm Springs, Jimmy Tait, Golden Syrup) add further allure, providing a dazzlingly dreamy backdrop to the chorus.

It’s an imaginative, enchanting stab at guitar-pop – one fuelled by finer feelings and delivered with bold candour. A refreshing and unique take on a distinctly ‘Melbourne’ sound that will surely see this troupe go far.

Born out of the incestuous, and ever-prolific Ocean Party clique – which includes some of Melbourne’s most talented and productive musicians (Ciggie Witch, Snowy Nasdaq, Zone Out, Velcro et al) – Cool Sounds are angling toward their first full-length record. With already two EPs in tow, forthcoming ‘Dance Moves’ is looking to be their most ambitious record yet.


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