“Marrow” Jealous of the Birds

Jealous of the Birds has shared a clip for “Marrow.” the song is off her EP Wisdom Teeth, due out February 2nd via Canvasback Music (US) and Hand in Hive (UK & Europe). This will be her first EP of completely new material since signing with Canvasback Music.

The video was shot in London at Crystal Palace Park by music video and fashion director Marta Bodacka. Naomi Hamilton, aka Jealous of the Birds, says of the video, “Marta had such a strong vision throughout the whole process and it was fascinating to watch her direct with such focus. Since the song bursts out into these musically expansive moments, I really wanted the video to mirror that sense of open space and amplification. Marta had this idea to use drones to capture aerial shots in different locations in the park and to include interpretive dance by the insanely talented Naomi Weijand. I’d never been there before, but it turned out to be this strange Victorian park with a maze, Dinosaur Island and random Sphinx statues left over from the Crystal Palace Exhibition building which got burned down in the 1930s.”

Hamilton expands on “Marrow”, “This is my attempt to articulate what it’s like to be a human being navigating one’s inner and outer worlds. After I graduated university a year ago, I became much more resolute about chasing a life in music, art and traveling. To me, ‘Marrow’ captures that sense of striving for authenticity in all its colours and forms.”

Wisdom Teeth follows Jealous of the Birds’ EP The Moths Of What I Want Will Eat Me In My Sleep which featured the singles “Plastic Skeletons” and “Russian Doll”.

Jealous of the Birds
Wisdom Teeth
Track Listing
Canvasback Music/Hive In Hand

1. Marrow
2. New York Has A Lump In Her Throat
3. Blue Eyes
4. Kosiskelu
5. Clementina