Mark Fernyhough “Automatic Paintings

Just in time for Halloween season, a great video for your autumn chills, and just might leave you hankering for a glass of whiskey, English musician and visual artist Mark Fernyhough has released new single/video for “Automatic Paintings.” The track is described a darkly haunting tribute to European abstract art pioneer Hilma Af Klint who communicated with spirits and was written out of cultural history for being female.

Mark Fernyhough is a English musician/artist based between Berlin and London, and has opened for Suede on 3 recent tours at request of their singer Brett Anderson, mixed with music/conceptual art/photography. Fernyhough is currently working on his debut album & recording an abstract soundtrack commissioned by The Leo Kuelbs Collection to accompany a film which will be projected onto Brooklyn Bridge as part of New York’s art event LIGHT YEAR.

The gothically tinged track comes accompanied by a suitably occult flavoured vampiric expressionist music video also directed and shot by Mark. Filmed in Berlin it features drummer Agata D’mon and a large cast of female creatives echoing ‘De Fem’ – Klint’s formidable group of women artists who engaged with her in the paranormal and séances. Automatic Paintings will be available on all major digital platforms in late October to appropriately coincide with Halloween 2020.

Order “Automatic Paintings” by Mark Fernyhough here


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