“Marion” by Beacon

"Marion" by Beacon is Northern Transmissions 'Song of the Day'.

Beacon recently shared their new single “Marion” is the first piece of music this year from Thomas Mullarney III and Jacob Gossett, who released their second LP, Escapements, in 2016 via Ghostly. Beacon, recently played a run of dates with Tycho. They play their last show with Tycho, tonight in Boston.

Tour Dates with Tycho
5/1/17 – House of Blues – Boston, MA

At the heart of “Marion” is a hammered dulcimer. The percussive, stringed instrument—an ancient ancestor of the piano—acts as the composition’s harmonic and dynamic guide. Samples ebb and flow, projecting into the mix at moments of brightness and clarity. Other times they recede beneath Mullarney’s crystalline voice and a bed of feathery, pneumatic production. This is the mode in which Beacon have always thrived: wistful amidst pulsing electronics and soft-washed hues.