Marijuana Deathsquads ( Members of Bon Iver, Poliça, GAYNGS, Doomtree, Solid Gold, Har Mar Superstar) Releases Free MixTape

The ever-evolving, largely improvisational group Marijuana Deathsquads unveiled a free mixtape today, featuring nearly 50 collaborators from the likes of Bon Iver, Poliça, Doomtree, Solid Gold, Har Mar Superstar, and many more. The album, ‘Tamper, Disable, Destroy’ is a vast selection from a small library of freestyles Olson has accumulated at legendary late night after parties in his Studio in Minneapolis, and late nights during a session at the infamous, world renowned Wisconsin` studio, April Base. The mix-tape successfully blends the eclectic electronic sound Deathsquads have become known for, with pure, uninhibited, Rap Music.

During the 2 week session at April Base, in September of 2011, 6-8 different Minneapolis would rotate through each day, each making the lengthy two hour drive to the studio, all recruited to play synths, lay drum beats, rip roaring guitar solos, or just do whatever Olson told them to do while he assembled what will be the bands’ 2nd full length LP (slated for release early next year). When nights turned to mornings, and the instrumentals were put down, Olson would put a mike in front of anyone he could find and demand the bestest rap verse they could spit. In his very own insightful words, “Catch rappers when their guard is least up, No frontin/All frontin.”

After returning from the city of Wisconsin, Olson kept amassing verses over random, out of print Deathsquat B-Sides and building songs from beats/boom-baps from gamechangers & beatmakers like Lazerbeak, 2% Muck, and Gonzobean. After many more late night editing sessions, the album was decided to be done and released about a week after….TODAY.

Get it now at this band website, or find out more information at Totally Gross National Product or Doomtree.

Full Album Credits: lazerbeak, isaac gale, lizzo,  slapping purses, cliff rhymes, spyder babie raw dawg, ryan ollcott, mike mictlan, plain ole bill, ganzobean, tennis rodman, jsswhtny, anger other, albert elmore, pos, tender meat, leon, la manchita, freddy votel, sims, makr, chris rose, truth be told, jake luck, towel man, astronautalis, aaron baum, hungry guy, channy leaneagh, young d.u.d.e, ben ivascu, adam burt, justin vernon, creFlo, drew christopherson, jeremy ylvisaker, varun kataria, arson only, zack coulter, har mar superstar, cecil otter, f stokes, 2% muck, harlod sanders, lewis and burnet.