MALL WALK announces New Self-Titled EP

MALL WALK announces self-titled EP; First track "Teen Missing" premieres today

Just a few months after the Mall Walk’s inception, the trio started working with producer-engineer Monte Vallier (Weekend, The Soft Moon, Terry Malts) at San Francisco’s Ruminator Audio Studio to create an EP that is alternately gritty and inspired. The collaborative self-titled MALL WALK EP will be released October 14th, 2014 via singer-guitarist Rob I. Millers label Vacant Stare Records. Today, they premiered the first track, “Teen Missing,” 

Drummer Nicholas Clark and bassist Daniel Brown represent the muscle behind the EP, whereas Miller takes a deliberately restrained, tactical approach to guitar playing. On “Teen Missing,” the cyclical exchange between bass and drums promises something surfy and rollicking, only for the song to conclude with two minutes of anarchic guitar that subverts expectations considerably. With “Treadmill,” the band constructs a huge, immersive space with as little as possible, while Miller describes life as a boring slog through semi-comical disappointments. Yet the repeated refrain, “Life is just grand, I know,” conceivably becomes less sarcastic as the band finds release within the song’s repetitive phrasing.

MALL WALK EP is out 10/14/2014 via Vacant Stare Records. 

Out October 14th, 2014 via Vacant Stare Records

False Living
Teen Missing
Pales In Comparison

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