Magic Island release EP and Videos

Magic Island's 'Wasted Dawn' EP is out today on Summer Cool, Mansions and Millions.

Berlin-based Canadian pop artist, Magic Island’s new EP Wasted Dawn is out today on Mansions and Millions. In celebration of the release, Magic Island has released six new videos. The first set were done by video artist Blake Gilley, who created a series of animations for each song of the EP. The second video takes you by the hand through a true Berlin wasted dawn. The music video is for the EP’s title track and was filmed by Ludwig Plath (Touchy Mob) and edited by Moritz Freudenberg.

Wasted Dawn was catalyzed and nurtured by Berlin. The predominant Casio keyboard was found in the street, the project itself developed under the influence of a close circle of Berlin-based artists and friends, including Touchy Mob and Montreal’s Sean Nicholas Savage (Arbutus Records), while the compositions strongly reflect both the complex and most simplistic day-to-day emotions, events and surrounding environment. After relocating from Canada to Poland and finally settling in Berlin, Magic Island represents one of the many artists’ projects emerging from the blossoming connections of creative communities between Berlin and eastern Canada, fostered by Mansions & Millions and Summer Cool Music.

1. Wasted Dawn
2. Dream Holiday
3. Baby Blu
4. So Tender
5. Better Than Be4


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