The Luyas Release New Video For “Fifty Fifty”

The Luyas have always embraced the art of making a good video, working extensively with creative A Story Told Well on several occasions and they have teamed up again, this time for their new video “Fifty Fifty”.

Director Derrick Belcham explains the concept, which “explores the negotiation of the barrier between the intangible powers on either side of our selves that mold our malleable personae. The border between lovers which can be so violent in its shifting, the pressurized membrane between self and environment, the unseen war of logic and belief, each fights and gains or surrenders territory, shifting the border to occupy or abandon space and, in so doing, changes us.”

With choreography directed by Montreal’s Katie War, the video is dramatic as it is symbolic and is a perfect fit to the edgy and beautiful song.

The Luyas will be touring this fall, more details  coming soon.The song is the first single off their forthcoming album Animator, which is out on October 16th on Dead Oceans.

Animator | Tracklisting /

01. Montuno

02. Fifty Fifty

03. The Quiet Way

04. Face

05. Your Name’s Mostly Water

06. Earth Turner

07. Talking Mountains

08. Traces

09. Crimes Machine

10. Channeling

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