Lust for youth reveal video, announce shows

LUST FOR YOUTH: Sacred Bones trio reveal new video for their new "Illume" single & announce London shows ahead of album release on June 9th.

After recently announcing news of their forthcoming album ‘International’, which is set for release on June 9th via Sacred Bones, Copenhagen-based trio Lust For Youth share their video for new single ‘Illume.’

The track is also available on the Sacred Bones’ Record Store Day compilation ‘Todo Muere Vol. 4’, which is out April 19th.

On the making of the video, director Cali Thornhill Dewitt commented “The concept of this was simple. My subjects were/are very attractive people, so I decided to pair them with attractive landscapes. We shot the whole thing in one 24 hour period, and Loke and Hannes were very comfortable dressed in their Cary Grant suits.”

To put it bluntly, Lust For Youth’s ‘International’ is unrecognisable as a Lust For Youth record on first listen. Frontman Hannes Norrvide’s previous solo albums under the Lust for Youth moniker have been described as “dark, cold, atonal, tormented, lonely, and lower than lo-fi.” The approach on ‘International’ has shifted dramatically. Writing as a three-piece now, with longtime live collaborator Loke Rahbek and new band member Malthe Fischer, who produces and plays guitar, LFY have entered a completely new territory. The result is stunning. ‘International’ is a buoyant synth masterpiece in the vein of early Depeche ModePet Shop Boys and New Order. Norrvide’s work has always had pop sensibilities buried deep in the reverb, but the hooks are front and center on International, and there is nothing lo-fi about it.

According to Rahbek, “the record sort of happened by chance. Hannes and I had talked about recording some stuff together for the fun of it, and Malthe offered to help us record. Initially, we were just going to do a song or two for the fun of it, but within a few weeks it was obvious that it was a combination that worked. Malthe went from recording to joining within the first few days and we made the whole thing over the last half-year, drinking gin and tonics everyday in the studio. The period was strange, terrible things happened in everyone’s life outside of the studio, so as a result many hours were spent in the studio, like a safe zone.

As the title indicates,” Rahbek adds, “the record deals with the rootless, sometimes almost inhuman, nature of traveling and touring. Hotel rooms and strangers’ beds, drugs and clubs, and the impossibility of living a regular life.” 

See Lust For Youth live:
4th April     Quarter/ Chetvert, St Petersburg RU
5th April     DOM, Moscow RU
15th April    Train (w/ When Saints Go Machine) Aarhus, DK
16th April    Store Vega (w/ When Saints Go Machine) Copenhagen, DK
7th June     Final Party Distortion, Copenhagen DK
1st July      Rough Trade (Instore), London UK
2nd July     Shacklewell Arms, London UK 

Album tracklist:

  1. Epoetin Alfa
  2. Illume
  3. Ultras
  4. New Boys
  5. Lungomare
  6. Armida
  7. After Touch
  8. Basorexia
  9. Running
  10. International

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