Lowly share new track “Prepare The Lake”

Lowly premiere new track "Prepare The Lake"

Danish quintet Lowly have recently premiered their new track “Prepare The Lake”, taken from their forthcoming debut album Heba, set for release on February 10 through Bella Union.

The band elaborate on the track: “‘Prepare The Lake’ is the oldest of the tracks on the forthcoming album Heba. We’d been playing it for quite some time live before recording it and the form sort of grew out of us during concerts, so perhaps it has more of live feel to it than the other songs on the album.”
“The lyrics are inspired by Gertrude Stein’s poetry. She has a very intense way of giving words power because of their surprising or untraditional placement in a sentence. It gives them depth and color and you can almost look at each individual word as a small art installation. It’s not a song that you can say is about a specific subject but it still has something very personal about it. And because the words are so fragmented hopefully, people when they listen can draw their own conclusions to what it means to them.”

Lowly came together as a band in 2014, meeting at the musical academy in Aarhus, Denmark. Despite all five members being involved in different studies, and having their own pre-existing projects, Nanna Schannong (lead vocals, guitar), Soffie Viemose (lead vocals, laptop), Kasper Staub (synthesisers), Thomas Lund (bass, Moog) and Steffen Lundtoft (drums, percussion) formed their self-described “noise-pop, and everything in between” group.

“We think of our music and lyrics more like a painting, we think it should all melt together,” says Staub. “We’re all interested in developing ourselves as songwriters, and working in new ways, with different ideas.”


Heba Tracklisting:
1. Still Life
2. Deer Eyes
3. Look At The Sun
4. Mornings
5. Cait #2
6. Prepare The Lake
7. Stubborn Day
8. Pommerate
9. No Hands
10. Word
11. Not So Great After All