Lovechild Stream All You Need is Lovechild LP

Lovechild share 'All You Need Is Lovechild' Album
Lovechild share 'All You Need Is Lovechild' Album

Lovechild’s debut LP All You Need is Lovechild, is inspired by frontman Leo Lovechild’s life in and around his native New York City, all the mystique and romance that surrounds that notion, and by the band itself and their journey together in life and in music. It’s music that’s meant to be as hopeful as it is sad, a reflection of the drive and determination it takes to keep going and striving for happiness every day. Leo confides, “Some songs are romantic, some are angry, some are wistful, but in its entirety the music is an expression of the human drive to keep going and keep striving for the potentially unattainable in the midst of a world that often tries to beat us down with struggle and strife.”

The self-produced, nine-track album is the result of years of work delving into the craft of writing, playing, and recording rock and roll music in the modern age. Leo shares, “Our goal for this record was always to make a classic rock and roll album in the modern age, not a “classic rock” album, but a “classic” rock and roll album, one that pushes the genre into the future as much as it represents the sound of a reinterpreted past.”

Welding crashing piano keys with boisterous guitars and a confident, move-inducing rhythm, Lovechild evokes an overall gritty tinge and feisty delivery. Their storytelling lyrics are a nod to Leo’s poetry degree, which sees him playing with clever lyrical lines. Spanning over nearly a decade, the album incorporates a multitude of influences, taking elements from the likes of The Beatles, Bob Dylan and Father John Misty, while adding a fresh yet nostalgic twist which makes it undeniably unique to Lovechild. The personal ups and downs that life in New York can bring and the struggle to find hope and keep moving can be felt in the emotionality of the vocal performances, the tensions of the guitar playing, and the thoughtfulness of the production. With songs In the end, that paradoxically simple but insanely complex idea of hope and everything that the word entails is at the heart of these songs.

All You Need is Lovechild
Track listing

01. Hats Off
02. Baby, Won’t You Pass Me the Light?
03. Ocean Hill
04. Sunshine
05. Costume Boxes
06. Know That You Love Me
07. 73
08. Happiness
09. I’m a Man


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