“Love You Better” by Oh Land

Danish musician Oh Land, born Nanna Øland Fabricus, and director Kristian Levring (The Salvation) have teamed up for a haunting video for her song “Love You Better,” off her 2013 Federal Prism release, Wishbone.

Says Fabricus of the video: “In 2014 I had a role in a western film shooting in South Africa…I had the guts to ask [the director Kristian Levring] if he would do a music video for me, knowing that it was unlikely to happen. But he said promptly, ‘Yes, if I can pick the song myself.’

The video shoot was fun and challenging because it was sort of shot like stop motion. We gradually remove prosthetics and make up for me to get younger and younger. I was wearing 3D tracking dots in order for the animators to make the transitions seamless. It was 95% of the time in the makeup process and the rest was shooting, but I had the feeling we were doing something magical and unusual for a music video. Kristian Levring had the idea for the ‘reversed aging’. His daughter did the makeup and it was shot in his house in the north of Denmark by the sea. The whole atmosphere was very family oriented and all about the love of the arts and music and weird ideas.”

Oh Land will be performing on United Nations Day at the UN Building in New York City on October 24, backed by a full symphony.

Nanna Øland Fabricus AKA: Oh Land, came into the music scene in 2008 under less than conventional circumstances. When ten years of training and a budding career in ballet was abruptly ended by injury, a life in music began.

At the age of 22, Fabricus wrote and produced her first album Fauna. Having recorded most of the album by herself in her bedroom, Fabricus discovered an early knack for production. The process that Fabricus found in creating Fauna was foreshadowing what would come after. Fabricus has since released four studio albums and collaborated with producers Dave Sitek, Dave McCracken and Dan Carey, amongst many others.

In recent years, Fabricus has “crossed over” into the classical music world, as well, playing with Lang Lang and Joshua Bell at Carnegie Hall and orchestrating whole concerts for the symphony orchestra in her native country of Denmark. Her most recent work is a 40 minute ballet for the Danish theatre “Pantomimeteatret” in Tivoli, Copenhagen, a collaboration with none other than the Queen of Denmark, Queen Margeret the Second. Fabricus has currently begun writing for her next international release that will follow the just-released video for “Love You Better”, directed by filmmaker Kristian Levring. The two had met when Fabricus starred in the role of Marie for his feature film, The Salvation.


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