“Love Song For The Haters” Fleece

Montreal band, Fleece recently shared a new video for “Love Song For The Haters.” The video, directed by Dylan Mitro, tells the story of a flower, a bee, and what it means to say goodbye.

““Love Song for the Haters” is about saying goodbye to the people who hurt you. It’s a love letter to some friends whom vocalist/lyricist/keyboardist Matt Rogers had to cut out of his life. “It’s for the people that made me feel shame for being myself,” Matt says. “I don’t see them as bad people, but ultimately, this song helps me acknowledge that us being apart is better for both of us. I can only grow into the person I want to be without them. It’s about fully committing to yourself and knowing what you need to do to make that commitment.”

Director Mitro heard the story for the song and translated these lyrics into a dynamic, funny story about a stunning flower (played by Matt) who breaks up with a creepy bee. In this video, Fleece hits home with a pitch-perfect blend of personal exploration and light-hearted comedy. We understand the struggle Matt’s going through, but we know laughing through it will make it easier.