“Love at First Sight” by Twerps

Twerps have made a pleasing new video for “Love at First Sight” from their Merge debut Range Anxiety. Shot, directed, and edited by Twerps’ own Julia McFarlane, the video showcases singer Martin Frawley standing against a wall onto which images are projected à la old-school MTV clips.

Formed in Melbourne in late 2008, Twerps released a series of vinyl singles and cassettes on various labels around the world. The release of their 2011 self-titled debut album led to appearances at SXSW and CMJ and tours with Real Estate, Mac DeMarco, and others. Not wanting to wait until 2015 to unleash new songs on present and future fans, Twerps quickly recorded the delightful Underlay EP.

Twerps are Martin Frawley (guitar, vocals); Rick Milovanovic (bass, vocals, synthesizer); Alex Macfarlane (drums, guitar, vocals); and Julia McFarlane (guitar, vocals, keyboards).

Recorded with Jack Farley, Range Anxiety’s title refers to a debilitating fear of running out of gas—both literally and metaphysically. As singer-guitarist Julia McFarlane explains, “The title Range Anxiety is both descriptive and comic. The album at times feels like it was built on uncertainties; some purely practical and some emotional obstacles were present around the start of writing.”