“Love At First” The Corsican

"Love At First Sight" by The Corsican (The Gist cover) is Northern Transmissions 'Song of the Day.' The track is Now available via Chnklet Industries
"Love At First Sight" by The Corsican (The Gist cover)

The Corsican (Josh McKay from Deerhunter) recently release “Love At First Sight,” a cover of The Gist’s 1982 song & the B-side from The Corsican’s Valentines Single, now out via Chunklet Industries.

Regarding the B-side, Josh stated: “This cover represents a longtime personal challenge; In my mind a cover is only as good as the invention it brings to the material being adapted. Why cover an already perfect song? Well… for one because I’m so in love with it, but the impulse was galvanized by reading somewhere in an interview where Stuart expressed remorse that he’d not had time to get a second verse together by the time his single was being recorded. I set out to write that missing second verse and it eventually led to my reaching out to him for permission to augment the lyric. After my demo reached him and I’d received a hearty “Crack on!”, the fires were stoked for my Valentine’s coup d’etat.

In this reworking, I imagined Vini “Durutti” Reilly sitting in during a “Poppa” Willie Mitchell/Hi Records session in Memphis, with…I dunno…a teenage David Lynch or someone just feeling morose…having an epiphany amidst the grimy diesel transit station environment.”

Josh McKay, one-man-band writer/producer known for a wide range of projects (most recently as bass player in Deerhunter), offers up the debut of a new incarnation… The Corsican, this month via a juicy Valentine’s 7” on Chunklet Industries. This irresistible little platter reveals a widescreen and almost bipolar range in its bold pairing of sides.

The Valentine’s A-side, “Fever Believer,” embodies a loose hi-energy collision of turn-of-the-70s rock splattered with copious red hot Moog freak outs and manic drumming. It’s all throbbing abandon and urgent emotion…The B-side, “Love at First Sight,” is a deeply reimagined cover of the first solo single by iconic Welsh pop innovator, Stuart Moxham, (fka Young Marble Giants), during his short-run incarnation as The Gist. It unfolds in a silky, subtle, slow-dance kind of way, smoldering as if in antidote to the howling swirl of the A-side.

The Corsican
The Valentines Single
(Chunklet Industries)
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Track List:

A. Fever Believer
B. Love At First Sight