“Lost” Alex The Astronaut

"Lost" by Alex The Astronaut is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day
"Lost" by Alex The Astronaut

Alex the Astronaut AKA: Alex Lynn, is Australian singer/songwriter, recently, she announced her debut LP, The Theory Of Absolutely Nothing. The album is out August 21 via Nettwerk Records and, today, she shares her new single “Lost.”

The Theory Of Absolutely Nothing explores friendship, love, loss, pain and change, weaving a constellation of stories about the personal reckonings that come with growing up. “I transitioned out of college, I went through my first break up, I lost a friend, I got into my first proper grown up relationship, and I started seeing bigger problems in the world,” she explains. “I wanted the songs to mean something to me, to sit in my values, and I also wanted them to be a group of songs that told stories that meant something to the people that heard them,” adds Alex. “I’ve called it The Theory of Absolutely Nothing because I feel like the Einstein quote ‘the more I learn, the more I realise how much I don’t know’ really started to make sense to me during this writing process and a part of that comes through in a different way in each song.”

New single “Lost” is about trying to find your way and fix everything, and the moment where you’ve exhausted all options and have to accept the fact that there is so much that is completely out of your control: sometimes you will just feel lost. “The song is pivoted around a moment of change when someone is walking new ground and they really don’t know what’s to come,” adds Alex. “For me it’s one of those ‘one goes out, one comes in’ times when you lose what you hoped things would be like but you get to move through a different world that maybe will show you something you didn’t know you would see.”

“Split the Sky” is a timely track about life coming at you fast and having to get through a tough time by rising to the occasion while, at the same time, longing for the simplicity of youth; “I Think You’re Great” is a shout out to a cherished friendship and a recognition of the need to check in on each other, opening up conversations and supporting friends through thick and thin; and “I Like to Dance” turns the spotlight on the devastation of domestic violence.

Alex The Astronaut
The Theory of Absolutely Nothing
Track Listing

01 – Happy Song
02 – Lost
03 – Split the Sky
04 – I Like to Dance
05 – I Didn’t Know
06 – Caught in the Middle
07 – Christmas in July
08 – Banksia
09 – I Think You’re Great
10 – San Francisco
11 – Outro