“Lose That Light” by Folly & The Hunter

Ahead of the release of their new album Awake, four-piece band Folly & The Hunter have released their new video for album track “Lose That Light”.

The band have said of the video: “The video was made with footage that Phil took while touring Europe. It’s mostly footage of downtime, us looking out the window at the countryside going by, etc. When the footage is matched with the song, it really seems to reproduce the feeling of being between places. Since the album is partly about dealing with the ups and downs of touring life, this video ended up fitting very well with the idea of the song.”

Vocalist Nick Vallee explains: “I came up with a vocal idea at the piano, and then Laurie took it home to rearrange. She produced a simple demo, and the end product still closely resembles that original idea. There’s something really special about having Laurie sing duet. it doesn’t really sound the same unless we’re both singing it, and in that way, it’s feels like something quite new to us.”

The band’s name originates from the subject matter of their songs: the absurdity & foolishness of searching for elusive satisfaction and happiness in the wrong places.

Formed in Montreal, the band is comprised of Nick Vallee (from Vancouver), Chris Fox from Sussex, England, native Montrealer Phil Creamer, and Laurie Torres, a francophone Quebec native of Haitian/Spanish heritage.

Produced by Howie Beck (Feist, Great Lake Swimmers, Barenaked Ladies), he pushed F&TH beyond their comfort zone to grow from their folk foundations into a polished pop aesthetic and worked with Torres and Vallee to find the heartbeat in their songwriting. The recording sessions also solidified the full-time role of long-time collaborator & multi-instrumentalist Phil Creamer, an integral part of the group’s live set.

The band’s their first two records (2011’s Residents and 2013’s Tragic Care – produced by The Besnard Lakes’ Jace Lasek) reflected a more maudlin time and saw comparisons with Sigur Ros, this album is a reaction to the four-piece’s first interactions with fans abroad – a humbling and energizing experience. ‘Awake’ will be released via Outside Music/Proper on 18th March 2016.