“Lose Control” By Vök

Vök, recently shared their new single and video “Lose Control.” The track follows the Icelandic band’s recent release “Stadium,” now available via Nettwerk Records. “Lose Control” and “Stadium” follow the band’s unique and lushly layered EP Feeding on a Tragedy. Recorded in their Reykjavík studios, the EP was the follow-up to their acclaimed 2019 album In the Dark, written and recorded by the band and producer James Earp (Bipolar Sunshine, Fickle Friends, Lewis Capaldi). Vök includes Margrét Rán (vocals), Einar Stef (bass/guitar) and Bergur (drums).

“Lose Control” continues the personal story of lead singer Margrét Rán, as told across the whole of the band’s recent EP, with the short film-style video portraying a character losing her grip on life and allowing the distraction of partying to give a false sense of security. Margrét says,”’Lose Control’ was one of those songs that just came to me in an instant. It was so much fun writing it because I was stuck in a total fantasy world while creating it. This song is originally just me fantasizing about my girlfriend. Being with a woman is an extraordinary thing. But diving deeper into the story with Einar, we found a bit of a darker road, so we took it. It’s my ultimate lesbian appreciation song, and may all of you sexual beings find it enjoyable.

Order “Lose Control” by Vök HERE


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