Los Angeles Police Department Shares Video

Los Angeles Police Department shares their new video for the single "She Came Through (Again)" LAPD's LP comes out 9/2 on Forged Artifacts/ChillMegaChill

Under the moniker Los Angeles Police Department, Ryan Pollie makes the kind of homespun bedroom pop that excels in its quiet intimacy, while retaining its emotional weight under sparse instrumentation and soft delivery. On his 11-track self-titled debut album, Pollie wrote and recorded each song in a day, allowing for small imperfections and spurts of urgency found throughout the record. It’s a creative process Pollie has now become accustomed to: “This project really changed an important misconception for me. It was that music that I was making, which wasn’t recorded in a studio with a band, was illegitimate or not real for some reason.” And so, these 11 tracks pared down from 30, recorded in a house in Hollywood, became personal anecdotes to a specific time and place: following a burgeoning relationship until its untimely end. At times shaken and hazy and at others affront with exhaustion.

Los Angeles Police Department will be released on September 2 via Forged Artifacts/ChillMegaChill.

Los Angeles Police Department
(Forged Artifacts / ChillMegaChill)
September 2, 2014

1. Cave
2. Go Down
3. Enough Is Enough
4. The Only One
5. She Came Through (Again)
6. 1,000 Leagues
7. Seven Months
8. Interluden
9. Bishops Rd.
10. August 31
11. If You See My Woman


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