“Lobster” Maxine Ashley

Bronx- born singer/songwriter Maxine Ashley recently released her brand new single “Lobster”
Maxine Ashley”s voice and a rebel spirit, and defies with her adventurous music and style, she loves the Smiths as much as Beyonce, and refuses to keep her mouth shut! Her YouTube Channel has over 9,000,000 +views of her covers of R&B hits recorded in her bedroom. Maxine”s performances in the videos soon made fans a fan out of fellow artist Pharrell Williams.

The songstress has traded her bedroom for the studios of New York and London where she’s developed a mix of urban pop, R&B, electronic music, and soul.

“Lobster” is The marriage of the alternative vibe and R&B sound merged in with a contemporary edge. The production combined with mouth ­making sounds created by Maxine and Joe Janiak.

“Lobster” takes us to a journey of cycles, regeneration, and protection. The inspiration behind behind the song originally derives from her grandma¹s love for cooking Lobsters, which allowed the family to bond, congregate and express of all round love.


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