Listen to His Electro Blue Voice’s “Sea Bug”

His Electro Blue Voice share new single "Sea Bug" album "Ruthless Sperm" comes out August 19 0n Sub Pop comes out

You can now listen to Italian band His Electro Blue Voice’s “Sea Bug,” the lead single from Ruthless Sperm, their Sub Pop debut.

Sub Pop will release Ruthless Spermon August 19th in Europe and August 20th in North America on CD, LP and digital. The self-produced album is the band’s first full-length release, and it features seven tracks. You can watch the Ruthless Spermalbum trailer here.

After a short stack of collectable singles and some hard to find import EPs, this Italio-trio with the long name unleashes their debut long-player on the Sub Pop imprint. Thirty-plus minutes of shock-horror blasts, blaring cyber-synth attacks and that gloriously repetitive Stoogeoid-meets-Killing Joke throb. His Electro Blue Voice has pulled back on the reigns, controlling the demons that reside in their improvisational pits of personal hell. The end result is a platter that’s as direct as it is deadly. Still chock full of uncharted ugliness; only now the loose ends have been cattle-prodded into submission, wrapping things up with just a few scrapes and bruises so we can continue down the next rabbit hole. Yet for all the bombast and bummer, His Electro Blue Voice still bring forth euphoric hooks and some shards of shoegaze, if only to leave them strewn about within the mechanical wreckage. You can almost hear the early sounds of the 4AD roster in the grooves, had they been captured to track by composer Fabio Frizzi and left teetering between warped indie sensibility and creepy-crawl madness.


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