Listen to a new track from Ricky Eat Acid

Ricky Eat Acid has released the single "Nice To See You"

After revealing his debut release on Terrible Records, Ricky Eat Acid AKA: producer Sam Ray has shared the album track “Nice To See You”, the second single to come from new LP Talk To You Soon.

Ricky Eat Acid is the main project of musician/producer Sam Ray. Active under the name since 2009, Ray has released countless albums and singles, gleefully refusing to work along genre lines and instead crafting a tableau made up of everything from ambient/drone to candy coloured, EDM-adjacent beats.

Ray has proven himself to be a diverse artist, recording under multiple names and with multiple bands to create a dense and occasionally daunting catalogue. There’s a now defunct indie-pop band, Julia Brown, and a recently reunited punk band, Teen Suicide, whose new album was released this year on Run For Cover Records.

While most artists working at his pace could be expected to run out of ideas sooner or later, Ray has only grown more ambitious. His new record, the first since Three Love Songs, is due in October, but he can be found talking about its progress and conception from as early as 2014 when he spoke to The Fader about new material.

Featuring string arrangements from composer & songwriter Owen Pallett, guest vocals from rising indie-rock artists Harmony Tividad, Spencer Radcliffe, and Caroline White, as well as a collaboration with experimental black metal band Wreck & Reference, it’s not difficult to trace where Ray’s other projects have left their mark on his main work.

Ricky Eat Acid – Talk To You Soon // Terrible Records – 28/10/16

1. hey
2. Nice to See You
3. This is as Close to Heaven as I Get
4. Fucking to Songs on Radios
5. Never Alone in a Dark Room
6. Climbing Up the Big Red Tree
7. Pull
8. Know
9. On the Floor Beneath the Cross
10. Spinning About Under the Bright Light in Bliss
11. Call My Name
12. 🙂
13. In the Grocery Store
14. As We Speak
15. On a Good Day
16. ok