Listen to a new single from Pixie Geldof

Listen to a new single from Pixie Geldof, the singer/songwriter share her new single "Sweet Thing" off her album 'I'm Yours'

Pixie Geldof has debuted her new song “Sweet Thing”, the opening track from her soon to be released debut album I’m Yours, available 4 November via Stranger Records. Sweet Thing follows the release of “So Strong” and “Escape Route” earlier this year.

“Sweet Thing is one of the older songs on the record,” says Pixie. “It’s actually the first song I wrote after I signed with Stranger. I wanted something that channelled the country music I grew up listening to, something with a real stomp, and be a song you can wake up to. As soon as i heard it in the studio, with those drums, I knew it would be the opening track of the album.”

Pixie Geldof has been writing songs on the quiet, all this time; her tentative musical ambitions now stunningly fulfilled in this sumptuous collection of contemporary leftfield pop. A glistening soundscape, these are lovelorn paeans inspired by the music she’s loved forever, from Mazzy Star in the 90s, to the ghostly guitars of the country greats, to the gossamer wash of Warpaint today.

The record was recorded in Los Angeles in autumn-winter 2015 producer/mixer Tony Hoffer (M83, Beck, Goldfrapp), with additional strings from composer David Campbell (father of Beck), whose credits include, Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On, through the Rolling Stones, Neil Diamond and Radiohead, to Adele’s 21.

Pixie Geldof – I’m Yours
1. Sweet Thing
2. I’m Yours
3. So Strong
4. Woman Go Wild
5. Rain Comes Down
6. Twin Thing
7. Close To You
8. Escape Route
9. Poison Apple
10. Wild Things Grow