Lil Peep’s Teen Romance Is Now Streaming

Lil Peep, the late rapper and songwriter's album Teen Romance, is now available for the first time on all digital service providers via AWAL
Lil Peep photo by Adam Degross

Lil Peep, the late rapper and songwriter’s album Teen Romance, is now available for the first time on all digital service providers via AWAL. The release, marks the EP’s 8th anniversary. Lil Peep worked with producer Lederrick on the 3-track EP, showcasing samples from instrumentalist Laraaji, and post-rock acts Explosions in the Sky and Mojave 3 (members of Slowdive).

Teen Romance is the latest in a series of posthumous anniversary releases cleared for the first time on streaming services. Also available now is Lil Peep’s 2017 single “NO RESPECT FREESTYLE” as well as Star Shopping (Live), which is also available as a physical 7-inch product. “NO RESPECT FREESTYLE” was originally released on SoundCloud in 2017, with a video directed by Illeigal.

Created in his bedroom when Lil Peep was 18, “Star Shopping” became his biggest hit upon its release in 2015, and now has 1.44 billion streams across all platforms. Star Shopping (Live) is available as a 3-track product, combining the original release with two unreleased live versions, in celebration of Lil Peep’s performances in Ghent, Belgium and London, UK in April 2017.

These series of releases are all part of the Estate’s continued efforts, alongside AWAL, to expose new fans to Lil Peep’s music and expand on the profound impact he’s had on audiences worldwide by making more of his music more widely available. In fact, in the past three months alone, Peep has gained over 538K new Spotify followers. Lil Peep’s mother, Liza Womack explains:

“Oskar [Peep’s brother] and I are deeply committed to releasing Gus’s music true to how he created and released it himself. Most of the beats he used in creating his music contain samples, ranging from songs by the most prominent artists in the world to covers by aspiring YouTube artists. Clearing the rights to Gus’ music is a labor of love, and we’re grateful to all the artists, producers, publishers, labels, and professionals who have worked with us on this journey. We want the world to know about Gus. We want his legacy to live forever.”

Lil Peep launched his career through the self-release of his music online as a teenager. He garnered attention in 2015 following the success of a slew of singles and his first solo mixtapes, Lil Peep; Part One and Live Forever. Peep toured the United States and Europe, walked the runways at Fashion Week and began collaborating with increasingly prominent artists between New York, Los Angeles and London throughout 2017. At the time of his death just two weeks after his 21st birthday.

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