Lex Records announces Boom Bip soundtrack

Lex Records announces Boom Bip soundtrack for 'Sun Choke'

Boom Bip created a beautiful and haunting soundtrack for SUN CHOKE. Written and directed by Ben Cresciman (Negative Space). On creating the dramatic score, Boom Bip says, “The intention of the score was to keep it cerebral and minimal. Adding large dramatic strings or drums didn’t have a place with this film. There were only a few opportunities for that. As the viewer, you’re mainly looking into the faces of the characters throughout the film so I simply wanted to enhance the mood of the space the characters are in without getting in the way.

The process of developing the score for Sun Choke was to come up with an initial tone that could be repeated throughout in key places related to Janie’s hypnosis. That small piece was also used in the womb shots. From there I waited until I had a near final cut of the film before sitting down with a few instruments and recording live passes while watching the scenes. Once I had a few nice live passes in place I would return and add layers and finalize the edits.”

Throughout his career, Boom Bip aka Bryan Hollon has thrived in producing off-kilter experimental music. Boom Bip’s debut on Lex Seed To Sun (2002) was also the first album on Lex. Companion piece Corymb; arrived two years later, including songs from his Peel Sessions and remixes by Four Tet, Boards Of Canada and Mogwai. Boom Bip’s second album for Lex, Blue Eyed In The Red Room (2005), was a record in which he meticulously played and recorded every single instrument separately, using no samples in the process. The album also included his first collaboration with Gruff Rhys of The Super Furry Animals, with whom he went on to form the group Neon Neon. The most recent solo LP, Zig Zaj (2011), expands on the sound of Blue Eyed In The Red Room and is a precursor to the sound of Neon Neon’s Praxis Makes Perfect.

Lex Records announces Boom Bip soundtrack for 'Sun Choke'










1. Stalked
2. Fallen
3. I See Me
4. Cleansed
5. Dog Collar
6. Break In
7. Little Girl
8. Savannah
9. The Trip
10.Make Up
11. Irma
12. Aftermath
13. Films
14. Jamie