“Let Your Dogtooth Grow” by The Orielles

The Orielles have announced details of their debut album Silver Dollar Moment, the full-length sees it’s release on February 16th, 2017 via Heavenly Recordings. Alongside this announcement they have shared the video for “Let Your Dogtooth Grow”.

The video was shot in Manchester and directed by Sam Boullier. Talking about it, the band, made up of sisters Sidonie B and Esmé Dee Hand Halford and their best friend Henry Carlyle Wade, comment: “The initial idea behind the video was to try and create something that combined aesthetic features from a range of our favourite filmmakers and auteurs. For example, the red faces are a subtle nod to David Lynch, the close-ups of Esme entering the dream state are reminiscent of Nicolas Winding-Refn and of course we have Yorgos Lanthimos to thank for the theme of the video and song. In some ways the video is not supposed to make perfect sense, we enjoy film that encourages conversation and makes one question the meaning behind certain media. We like that it is subjective and left for interpretation – which is ultimately the whole theme of the song and video…”

Sam Boullier, the director, added: “I listened to the song a bunch, revisited a couple of film references they mentioned and I was hoping to capture the mixture of playful energy and cultural know-all that the Orielles have.”

Once the best-kept musical secrets in and around their native Halifax, the teenage trio are poised to charm their way beyond UK borders courtesy of their debut release for Heavenly Recordings.

“We met Henry at a house party a few years ago,” says Sid about the beginnings of the band. “I mean, it’s a bit lamer than that sounds. It was a friend of our parents, she was having a 40th birthday party, and we went along, and Henry was there too, with his parents.” They’ve been writing songs together ever since, Esme singing and on bass, Sidonie on drums, Henry on guitar.

As for the album title: “It’s anything that’s unexpectedly brilliant,” explains Henry. “We played in Toronto, at this bar called the Silver Dollar Room. We’d been in Canada for 36 hours, no sleep, we’d already playeat 10, then we played a show at the Silver Dollar at 2:00 a.m. and it was one of the best shows we’ve played. So a Silver Dollar Moment became anything that’s good, but unexpectedly.”

The Orielles
Silver Dollar Moment
track listing:

1 Mango
2. Old Stuff, New Glass
3. Sunflower Seeds
4. Let Your Dogtooth Grow
5. Liminal Spaces
6. The Sound Of Liminal Space
7. I Only Bought It For The Bottle
8. Henry’s Pocket
9. 48 Percent
10. Borrachero Tree
11. Snaps
12. Blue Suitcase (Disco Wrist)