“Less Than Nothing” by Max Pope

Today sees 20-year old Brighton-based Max Pope share the video for ‘Less Than Nothing’ – the lead single from his upcoming debut EP of the same name.

Max’s liberal dash of youthful vitality and energy, along with his captivating, and confident live performances help him stand out from an overwhelmingly over-saturated market of singer-songwriters.

Originating from Brighton – and now sharing his time between his hometown and London, Max has been quietly plying his trade over the past few months, working on his live show, and writing material which would eventually form his debut EP ‘Less Than Nothing’, set for release this autumn. It’s a confident and strident debut, with four outstanding tracks that perfectly showcase his musical journey so far.

Speaking on new single ‘Less Than Nothing’, Max has said “The song is written about achieving nothing with your time. It’s about those days when you really try to be productive but nothing sparks – the “lightning” just doesn’t strike. I wrote it when I was in the middle of a writers block and had spent several days trying to come up with something good and nothing materialised.”

Speaking on the influences behind the EP as a whole, Max notes that whilst he’s a huge fan of a lot of new music coming out right now, there’s a lot of old-school blues and soul embedded within the EP’s four tracks. “I don’t listen to a whole lot of blues music, but it’s always been around me since I was really young” he explains. His dad, also a musician, has had a huge impact on Max – and he explains that his father has always been a big source of inspiration during his development as an artist and songwriter.

Max Pope has since evolved into a wonderfully well rounded artist. Combining influences from a variety of different sources, he manages to effortlessly bridge the gap between fresh, modern – alternative songwriting, and the classic indie rock sound of the 60’s and 70’s.

Vibrant and exciting, Max Pope is about to take his seat at music’s high table of success. A musician of remarkable skill and a writer of songs that belie his years, he is clearly an artist that is a student of his craft. Consummately at ease in the live setting and with music that acknowledges the past, but clearly lives in the present, Max is a star for the future.

The ‘Less Than Nothing’ EP is set for release later this November.


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