Less Acrobats debut single “Floating Opera”

Less Acrobats debut "Floating Opera" the track is off the quartet's debut EP, Stanza,

Today, Tel Aviv band Less Acrobats have debuted their their new single “Floating Opera” via Northern Transmissions. Less Acrobats’ members Itai Nirenblat and Roi Keidar’s lush falsettos gives the song a seductive texture that merges with expansive synth chords and an R&B rhythmic baseline. The band describes the track as a “post truth” song that was influenced by a John Barth inspired fantasy. “Floating Opera” is from the quartet’s forthcoming debut EP, Stanza, which comes out on February 2017 via, indie label BLDG 5 Records.

Known previously as more of a guitar based band, Less Acrobats’ new sonic shift was catalyzed over the last year, and triggered by some personal hardship. The EP’s first single, “Dirty Lover” greatly showcases that new sound, which stems from the band’s love for hip-hop. The EP blends hip-hop, shoegaze, R&B and indie-pop elements to create a project with luxurious and pulsating beats and kaleidoscopic hooks.

Less Acrobats are: Justin Tang, Amir Steinberg, Itai Nirenblat and Roi Keidar