Les Jupes announce ‘Some Kind Of Family’ LP

Les Jupes share their first single "Everything Will Change" from their upcoming LP 'Some Kind Of Family,'

Les Jupes’ sophomore album, Some Kind Of Family, set to arrive April 14 on Head In The Sand. The band premiered a first single from the album today, “Everything Will Change.” Some Kind Of Family was produced by Marcus Paquin (The National) in Montreal, brought home to Winnipeg for overdubs, including guests from the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra and an array of guest singers, and completed by Tony Hoffer (Beck/M83/Phoenix).

Les Jupes’ music is built simply on songwriting and a dark rumbling energy. Led by vocalist Michael P. Falk, whose brooding baritone can be menacing at some times. Some Kind Of Family reveals the inner workings of Mike’s introverted, guarded nature. The album sings of the tension between family and ambition. Some Kind Of Family is the story of every family.

Some Kind Of Family track list:

01. When They Dig Us Up
02. Something’s Happening
03. What Am I Doing Here?
04. Everything Will Change
05. The Brothers
06. One Is Enough
07. You’re Burning Up
08. Outer School
09. I Want Answers
10. On Miracles
11. Bro.Sis
12. Targa Verb

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