Leisure Birds Premiere “Waveforms” detail LP

Leisure Birds Premiere "Waveforms," Announce New LP 'Tetrahedron' out June 17th on Total Gross National Product and Moon Glyph records


While much of modern psych seems to be stalled in a bygone era, Minneapolis-based Leisure Birds look squarely at the wide-open future.  Their synth-driven grooves may evoke hazy memories of Krautrock and 1970s experimentation, but their aesthetic shies from the predictable shuffle that consumes current Psychedelic music:


Following the releases of LPs Copper Scroll (Totally Gross National Product, 2010) and Globemaster (Moon Glyph, 2012), Leisure Birds continue their outward trajectory with the release of their third LP, Tetrahedron, a co-release by Moon Glyph and Totally Gross National Product.  Using simple melody, hypnotic rhythm and highly constructed analog synthesis, Tetrahedron constructs a world on the edge of fiction and reality.



01. Patterns
02. Miner of Light
03. Seven Spirals
04. Tetrahedron
05. reT 120813
06. Geodesic Lines
07. Waveforms


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