“Learn to Swim” SadGirl

To celebrate the release of their new video/single “Learn to Swim,” Los Angeles band SadGirl recently screened their new video for Water album track “Learn to Swim,” on their Instagram page to interact with fans directly. They will also be heading on tour with WAVVES this fall. “Learn to Swim” is off SadGirl’s current release Water, now out via Suicide Squeeze.

“Learn to Swim” was conceived as the beginning of a follow-up album, the song’s themes of fluidity and transformationlearning to swim rather than treading water—took on a new scope in the wake of the pandemic. “With all of the shake-ups and cancellations, I felt like the song needed to get out there,” says Lindes. “It seemed too relevant to everything that was going on. I want people to know we’re still here and we’re gonna be here after this has all settled down. Adapt and thrive.”

Director Owen Summers on the video for “Learn to Swim”

“I wanted to illustrate my interpretation of the song, using color and texture. Looking to emphasize the charm of the hazy melody, I used the character and his strange journey to embody what the song meant to me.”

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