Leagues share latest single “Slow and Steady”

Leagues share latest single "Slow and Steady"

Nashville’s Leagues will release their sophomore album Alone Together on September 9 (Dualtone). Today they reveal a new single off the album, “Slow And Steady”.

“Every now and then you’re given something for no reason. I’ve been getting the same text from a close friend of mine for a few years now. This is one of the few people in my life that truly understands the sacrifice it takes to ‘keep up the good work’. This time I felt compelled to call him and talk to him. The day after that conversation, he sent me a text that said he wanted to buy me my dream guitar. I was floored. A week later I get a check in the mail and with the check is a note. ‘Hey Thad, I believe in you, what you do is important. Keep up the good work. Slow and steady wins the race pal.’ As we were working on the new record, I thought about the note and an idea came to me as I was playing this guitar. “Slow And Steady” is a gift of a song, and it was the first song written on this guitar that was gifted to me.” — Thad Cockrell

Earlier this Spring Leagues revealed “Dance With Me” which has already garnered well over 200K streams on Spotify and following that they shared “Lipstick Coffee”.

Comprised of lead vocalist and songwriter Cockrell and producer/ programmer /drummer Jeremy Lutito, Leagues broke out in 2013 with their debut album, You Belong Here, but it was hardly either’s debut on the music scene. Cockrell began his career as a songwriter and alt-country performer in 2001. Meanwhile Lutitio spent his post-college days honing his chops in Music City as a drummer, producer and engineer.

Leagues will be touring the US in support of Alone Together with dates to be announced soon.