Lawrence Arabia West Coast Tour Begins This Week In Los Angeles

Lawrence Arabia is the pseudonym of James Milne, born 1981 in Christchurch, NZ. He is also singer-songwriter of The Reduction Agents and former member of the Brunettes and the Ruby Suns. The Sparrow is the follow up to Chant Darling. Venturing away from the harmony-laden, classic pop production of that release, The Sparrow is a more measured and minimalist work, drawing particularly on the influence of the symphonic late-sixties work of Scott Walker and Serge Gainsbourg.

The material for The Sparrow was accumulated throughout 2010, while Lawrence and his band The Prime Ministers toured in support of Chant Darling. Images like the “crude moustache, exposed brains” seen on a poster of Zac Efron in the New York subway, the jaded conversation with the Tom Tom on a rainy British motorway, the last breaths of a London house party that dragged on just a little too long, were collected throughout the year as context-free scribbles in a diary, waiting for songs to attach themselves to.

These images found homes during a fairly frenzied period of writing in borrowed lounge rooms and rehearsal spaces at the end of another abject London summer. During the same period, the enigmatic title The Sparrow surfaced and became some kind of mysterious guiding image for the aesthetic of the album, the angst of the inexorably approaching thirties, represented in the form of a small, malevolent bird.

In late 2011, with Elroy Finn and Connan Mockasin, Lawrence recorded the basic tracks for these new songs, live, at a large house in Surrey that became known as the Japanese Academy. Strings and horn overdubs were added in a couple of sessions at Auckland’s Roundhead Studios. The Sparrow was produced and mixed by Lawrence Arabia.

Tour Dates:

11.27 – Los Angeles, CA @ Origami Vinyl (7 pm free in-store)
11.28 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Mint
11.29 – San Francisco, CA @ Hotel Utah Saloon
12.01 – Seattle, WA @ Conor Byrne, Seattle
12.02 – Portland, OR @ Mississippi Studios