Laura Marling Releases Short Film

Laura Marling announces first tour dates, details of Once I was an eagle

23-year old Laura Marling’s fourth album Once I Was An Eagle (May 28th on Ribbon Music) we can satiate ourselves somewhat with today’s release of When Brave Bird Saved , a collaborative effort between Marling and film directors Fred & Nick. The short film is inspired by four songs from the new album.

View it here:

Directors Fred & Nick, who have previously delivered a variety of films for Coldplay, PJ Harvey and Mumford & Sons and others, elaborate: “When Brave Bird Saved is an introduction to a visual journey directly inspired, informed and narrated by the first four tracks of Once I Was An Eagle. Having collaborated with Laura over the last four years, the ambition and scope of this film marks an exciting new direction for us – and we were given total freedom to focus strongly on the distinct journey of the four tracks

Once I Was An Eagle was recorded in the English country studio of Marling’s producer and instrumentalist Ethan Johns (Kings of Leon, Ryan Adams, Vaccines). This is Marling’s fourth album and the British singer-songwriter has attained what sounds undeniably like vocal, emotional, and artistic maturity. It’s a record for the ages. Released at the age of twenty-three. .

Press Here to listen to “Master Hunter”, the first single from Once I Was An Eagle.

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