L’Amour Bleu debut video for “Human Mattress”

L'Amour Bleu debut video for "Human Matress".

“We wanted the video to trace the transformation from heartbreak to flaming self-confidence. And we wanted to work with a diverse cast of friends to do so, including collaborator and muse Jimmy Brenner, a New York City drag performer. He played dual roles: nervous blonde vixen and brunette goth power vamp. All of the characters in the video deal in and suffer from mixed signals, emotional sabotage and romantic decay before finally blending into one, a person, who after carrying the baggage of lost love has found the will to release it, to recover from codependence. ‘Are you frustrated? Are you ready to be?’”

L’Amour Bleu recentlyt announced their debut album Please out Valentine’s Day – formed by drummer Matt Tong (Bloc Party, Algiers) and guitarist/vocalist Ryan Schaefer (Palms), they’re half raw garage rock/post-punk band, half avant-garde performance art group with the goal of challenging conventional limits of music and performance.

They’ve collaborated with a ton of NYC-based creatives including drag queen Jimmy Brenner, artist Cara Benedetto, Brooklyn designer Mischa Kahn, samurai dancer Takemi Kitamura.

Named for the historical text-book of male sensuality from 1978, L’Amour Bleu explores aesthetic realms of emotional voyeurism through the various lenses of masculine desire, rebuilding soft centers with faded color swatches of sadness, rage, frustration and ambivalence with a corrupt, orgiastic pastiche of decadent pop and beyond.

L’amour Bleu
track listing:

1. New Dominance
2. Slave
3. Take It
4. The Bottom
5. Loaded
6. Buddy
7. Disease Machine
8. Human Mattress
9. Sisters
10. Cut It Off