Rice is Nice was formed in 2008 by Julia Wilson and Ben Shackleton. Wilson worked as a photographer and publicist in the music industry for the Australian labels Mushroom Records and Popfrenzy and used her knowledge to release SPOD’s Aminals 7″ in mid-2008. Since then, Rice is Nice has signed and released the works of a number of Sydney based artists, the musical genres of which vary greatly. As of 2012, the label is looking to expand internationally, specifically into the USA.

Northern Transmissions reviews The album 'Pains' from The Laurels

Review Of “Plains” From The Laurels

The Laurels are invoking the same strung out whirs of endless kaleidoscopic frontiers. What’s telling though is that each band is a product of their environment, Tame Impala and The Laurels both reside in Western Australia where quite frankly nothing happens. The first single from The album is ‘Tidal Wave’.

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