La Femme Shares New Single “Le Jardin”

La Femme Shares New Single "Le Jardin." The track is off their forthcoming release Paradigmes, out April 2nd via Disque Pointu label
La Femme "Le Jardin"

“Le jardin” is La Femme’s first Spanish language song. On first listen, it’s lyrics that translate as, “Don’t expect anything from life / Because life’s a bitch, and you pay with your body.” But on further inspection, it’s really about hope and acceptance: the swaying pendulum of life’s ups and downs are entirely unpredictable and out of our control, so what can you do but embrace the journey? “Le jardin” is off La Femme’s forthcoming release Paradigmes, which comes on April 2nd via their own Disque Pointu label, in association with IDOL.

La Femme commented: “The lyrics were inspired by a trip to Spain a few years ago. The song’s old school slow dance captures the feeling of how fate can be random and fragile. The things we experience can very suddenly go from darkness to light and vice-versa. We thought about all of this when surrounded by the Roman scenery of Seville, where the Holy Virgins are omnipresent on the walls, quietly observing mankind and its madness.”

The song’s out of time feel is accentuated by the accompanying video. It captures beautiful imagery from in and around Seville: natural landscapes that have remained unchanged for centuries, magnificent historic architecture, and sweeping shots of the city’s nocturnal skyline.

La Femme have announced details of their first tour in support of the new album, which commences at London’s The O2 Forum Kentish Town on January 13th 2022. See here for ticket details and a full list of dates. More shows will be announced in the near future.


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